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About Fixlt and Forget-lt 5-Ingredient Favorites Too little time to cook? Worried about your skills in the kitchen? Fix lt and Forget-lt 5lngredient Ravorites can be your steady kitchen companion.

This packed-full collection has more than 700 recipes, each with 5 or fewer ingredients. And each recipe's instructions spell out every step so you won't get stranded along the way. This book makes cooking manageable.

Think of Fixit and Forget-lt 5lngredient Favorites as your inspiration and encourager. All of its recipes come from home cooks. These are their favorite dishes, loved by families and households across the country. So get out your slow cooker-or cookers-and choose from these flexible, forgiving, and absolutely scrumptious recipes. What qualifies as a ient recipe?

1. Any recipe with 5-or fewer-ingredients. 2. Water does not count. 3. Salt and pepper count as one ingredient. 4. Ingredients listed as optional do not count. 5. Non-stick cooking spray does not count. 6. The base' over which the recipe is to be served (for example, crackers or chips, rice, pasta, or potatoes! does not count. A about slow cookers These great little appliances can vary considerably their heat intensity and speed of in cooking. older models often require more cooking time than never ones. why we give a range of cooking times for many of the recipes. Experiment by using the shorter cooking time first.

Then make note right on the recipe page itself about what you discov. ered works best for your cooker. Personalize this cookbook! Variables to keep in mind Ideally, you should fill your slow cooker about 24s full. You may need to increase the cooking time if you've exceeded that amount, or reduce it if you've put in less than that The fuller your slow cooker, the longer it will take its contents to cook. The more densely packed the cooker's contents are, the longer they will take to cook. The larger the chunks of meat or vegetables, the longer they will take to cook.

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