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The Darwin Awards 4: Intelligent Design

Descrição do Livro

  • Autor: Wendy Northcutt
  • Editora: Orion
  • ISBN: 9780752881768
  • Estante: Literatura Estrangeira
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • Peso: 260g
  • Ano: 2006
  • Dimensões: 17.00 x 11.00 x 2.00 cm
  • DESCRIÇÃO: - Livro Usado, higienizado e embalado termicamente. - Amarelamento nas bordas das páginas, causado pela ação do tempo - Manchas em algumas das páginas - Manchinhas nas bordas das páginas, causadas pela ação do tempo. - Manchinhas no interior das capas, causadas pela ação do tempo.
  • Localizador: 41430 / 2-C-6-1

História do Livro

The Darwin Awards 4: Intelligent Design

With over 100 all-new award winners, this hilarious collection of terminal mishaps will amuse and amaze all who read it. Who can forget the tale of the parachute jump instructor who jumped out of a plane - but left his parachute behind? Or the guy who decided to try and steer his motorbike with his feet? Wendy Northcutt's website,, has been a huge cult hit around the world, with a devoted following of readers. Now, in this first new collection of highlights in three years, comes a selection of the best and funniest moments that ensure our future gene pool will not be contaminated by any of those whose claim to fame rests on appearing in this book.

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